Information About Godparents

We receive many requests regarding being a sponsor or godparent for Baptism and Confirmation.

“Sponsor” (godparent) is a sacramental ministry. The sponsor takes part in the ritual as a Catholic and provides example from her/his life through living and acting as a full member of the Catholic Church.  Because of the seriousness of this sacramental ministry, the Church has the following minimum requirements:

1.  The sponsor must be a full and active member of the Catholic Church through Baptism and Confirmation and Eucharist and at least 16 years old (the responsibilities of this ministry are undertaken by an adult).

2.  The sponsor must be a Catholic living an active life in the Church who provides good example. Someone married outside the Church is not able to receive Communion and is not able to be a sponsor.  Also, a Catholic who has left the Church is not able to be a sponsor of a new member into the Church.

3.  When there are two sponsors, they are “spiritual parents” and are godfather and godmother.

4.  The sponsor is required to submit the “sponsor certificate” from their parish.  We are all members of the parish of the place where we are living now.  Some sponsors use this occasion to formally register in their local parish.

We are always ready to answer your questions.  Please call the parish center!