Planning  a Loved One’s Funeral

St. John the Baptist parish is ready to offer assistance and support to the family at the difficult time of the death of a loved one. Funerals are scheduled on weekday mornings.  The family first makes arrangements with a local funeral home.  The funeral home confirms the date and the time of the funeral mass with St. John’s parish.

Our parish community recognizes the right of every Catholic to have a funeral Mass.  We do our best, as well, to send a representative from the parish to pray with the family and guests at the funeral home, usually on the afternoon before the funeral mass.  

Many families wish to plan the funeral liturgy for their loved one.  After the funeral home gives St. John’s parish the family contact information, our Continuing Care Ministry will make every effort to reach the family, invite them to St. John’s to help them with the planning, and also be present a the funeral mass to guide the family during the liturgy. 

The donation to St. John the Baptist parish is $300.  There are separate fees for the music:  $150 (organist) and $150 (cantor).  Should there be any difficulty with the donation to the parish or the music fees, we do not let that stand in the way of the celebration of your loved one’s funeral mass.

You can download and print the planning booklet here:

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral: Booklet with Questionnaire

During the funeral Mass, the family can choose the first and second readings that are proclaimed during the liturgy of the word. Should a family member or friend who is Catholic feel comfortable in doing one of the readings, they are encouraged to do so. Also included in this booklet are suggested hymns to be sung during the mass.

You can download and print the Readings selection here:

Funeral Readings Booklet

Can Catholics be Cremated?

See this short explanation of the Church policy on this subject.